Python Coding & Applications – Retro Graphics & Games


Python is a programming language that prioritizes readability and learnability and lets you integrate systems more effectively. As Python is one of the most widely used languages in the programming world to help beginners and professionals write clear and logical small or large-scale projects, it is an essential skill for any young programmer to pick up. Campers will start by learning the basics of inputting data and creating an output system, where they will be able to code their own graphics, games, programs, and applications. Experience activities such as coding popular retro games to creating a DIY external controller, this course is made for any child aged 9+ that wishes to explore game development and logical problem-solving skills!


Age: 9+

Dates Available: Week 7 (8/1-8/5), Week 10 (8/22-8/26)

Tuition: $399