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Make Screen Time Valuable Time

In this day and age technology is a pervasive part of our lives, from the minute we get up to a programmed alarm through the activities we engage in after a long day of work or school. Children today have never been in a world without interactive technology (online games, videos, social media) and typically view it as an essential part of life. Parents and educators reasonably are reticent about the extensive use of technology and usually limit the amount of time children can spend in front of a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

But there is a more meaningful way for your children to interact with technology.  It can be used as an effective and beneficial learning tool. 

Imagine your children using part of their screen time to code a website. Students in The Cathay School’s (Cathay) Web Coding and Design course did just that.  They learned coding languages (HTML, CSS, etc.) used by professionals to code a website. Then they used this information to code their own landing page and continued developing their site. More advanced students were even able to learn how to add animation to their sites. Not only were they productive during the course, but many went on to explore the subject further after learning the basics in Cathay’s course.

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