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Education CAN Happen Outside of School

When it comes to discussions about education we often refer to the traditional school setting. We envision a classroom with a group of peers around the same age with an adult instructor guiding the students at the front of the room. And when we speak of ways to improve education, we refer to needed adjustments to our schools to enhance student performance. While it is noble to speak about improving education through the schools, a primary source for education, it ignores a plethora of other ways and places that students learn.

For many students mastering of a subject happens outside the school classroom. New experiences, unique interactions, and life situations provide for valuable education. Whether through impromptu learning opportunities throughout life or in planned informal educational experiences, the students gain richer understanding of the subject at hand. Life-long learning, the information that we gather and utilize throughout life typically happens in the informal settings.

These nontraditional settings that support a culture of learning are the key to providing learning opportunities that may not be available in the classroom. Not all students learn the same and not all learning objectives can be covered and comprehended in a traditional classroom, thus alternative learning opportunities should be provided to students who require alternative leaning styles. Valuable teachable moments, individualized and personalized leaning can be found in a learning center, such as Cathay Future, that will not only support the everyday classroom initiatives but advance core skills.


2 thoughts on “Education CAN Happen Outside of School

  1. This does not make sense at all. By browsing around your website, I figured that all that you were talking about was “oh education can happen outside school – because it can happen in a school-like environment outside school!” Does this really make sense to you?

    1. Thank you for your comment. While the center has courses and rooms with supplies, most of our programming is project based experiential learning, different than many of the schools and academic based institutions in our area. We also would consider the outside performances, competitions, workshops, etc. as valuable experiences, it doesn’t just need to be at our center.

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