Retro Coders’ Lab: Python Games & Graphics


Dive into the world of coding mastery with our Python Coding & Applications – Retro Graphics & Games course! Harnessing the power of Python! Students will explore the very software employed by both beginners and professionals to craft clear and logical projects, be it small-scale wonders or large-scale marvels. This course is an essential stepping stone for any budding programmer. Beginning with the basics of data input and output system creation, campers will swiftly progress to coding their own graphics, games, programs, and applications. From recreating popular retro games to crafting a DIY external controller, this dynamic course is tailored for children aged 9 and above, eager to delve into the realms of game development and logical problem-solving skills.

Age: 8+

Dates Available: Week 2 (6/24 – 6/28)

Tuition: $419