Lego Robotics Jr & Rubiks Cube


Embark on an exciting journey of creativity and problem-solving with our Lego Robotics Jr. – Rubik’s Cube Challenge! This engaging camp offers your child a hands-on introduction to engineering and mathematical concepts through the fascinating world of robotics. Throughout the course, participants will dive into a series of captivating projects that involve problem-solving and the development of fundamental robotic construction skills. Armed with the Lego Kit and the Lego Robot, students will not only explore the intricacies of robotics components but also venture into the exciting realm of coding to conquer Lego Rubik’s cubes and other mind-bending puzzles. Our young engineers will leave the course not only with the satisfaction of having cracked the code to solving Rubik’s cubes but also with valuable knowledge on how to debug basic code and a foundational understanding of robotics.

Age: 6-8

Dates Available: Week 1 (6/17 – 6/21), Week 10 (8/19 – 8/23)

Tuition: $419